To Covet

A Poem by Matthew Amos

I speak a separate language
from the world’s,
and every time I confess
my lust she laughs
like I’m a newborn
who makes demands in “coos”.

That night I had nobody to love,
so I made shitty coffee
because it’s loud to grind beans,
and in sleep my heart beats slowly.
The tiny strands of hair you tuck
behind your ears
make my teeth tighten,
and your puffy eyes
pose on your cheeks like people
pretending to be statues:
Silent, motionless, but always
threatening to come alive.
You, behind my eyes,
brush your throat with your chin,
sultry, sleepy and shy.

I want to take your tongue in mine.
Coil our skinless snakes into
a heathen’s wreath of leaves.

Wrist clutching wrist
to hold your face
like it’s an idol.
Palms to jaw-- thumbs to lips.

If your ear was here now,
I would smear it with my breath,
smoke curling out my nose,
words drooling in my neck.

I would want if I had you.

To see your legs
frozen to my lap,
eyelashes chained to my knees,
to see your smile wither
like a bellflower drying.

Would want rocks
to¬† munch men’s skulls
if they saw your long cold arms
swaying the way I watch them
in the wind.

I would want if I had you.

A marriage length monsoon to rage
in you.
You wanting me till it conquers you,
strips you of everything,
Your skin, heart, liver, and eyes,
everything gone until you’re mine

and nothing else.

Matthew Amos was born in Marysville, CA in 1986. At a young age, he developed an interest in the arts which led him to perform as a musician, stand-up comedian, and poet. He is currently studying creative writing at Montana Western University. 

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