A Poem by Rob Morton

The pain and the reverent beauty of it.
Beauty, because it radiated, everywhere.
Emanating from both the bride and the groom – more so from the bride.
She is given the title of Duchess yet she radiates the air of a Queen – Queen Meghan.
This air of royalty made all the more pungent by the attendance of Queen Serena.

Pain, because it burned in the souls of a particular people as a stifled scream.
Lost, again – the lost is not just of our Queens, but the lost those who would have been born with a union of their own.
Lost, a LeBron, lost, a Dr. Oyibo, a warrior, a genius.
Amongst the beauty, so apparent, there is the pain – not so apparent.
Lost again.

Rob Morton is a retired Voice Analyst at AT&T Wireless (23 years)
A lover of the “word,” a 32 Degree Mason and former Marine.

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