Songs That Are Sacred and Pure

A Poem by Charlie R. Braxton

we live/
in a con/strict/
space/ a place/ where/
there is/
more love/
for the wicked/
than/ there is/
rest/ for the weary
and yet/
we/ do sing/
we/do shout
we/ do chant
and when/
our tongues/ are tied
with the pain/ that is
tethered to/ the
deep souls/ of our ancestors
we/do hum
we/do moan
and groan
our work/songs
that are/
as yet/ untitled
we/ do this
to ensure/ that
the circle remains/unbroken
and that
the memories/ of
our beloveds’ /
remain /sacred
and pure

  Charlie R. Braxton is a poet, playwright, and essayists from McComb Mississippi. He is the author of three volumes of verse, Ascension from the Ashes (Blackwood Press 1991), Cinder’s Rekindled (Jawara Press 2013), and Embers Among the Ashes: Poems in a Haiku Manner (Jawara Press, 2018). His poetry has been published in various literary publications such as African American Review, The Minnesota Review, The Black Nation, Drum Voices Review, Cutbanks, Valley Voices, Massiffe, Candle, Transnational Literary Magazine, Eyeball, Sepia Poetry Review, Specter Magazine, and The San Fernando Poetry Journal.

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