JL Ruiz

JL Ruiz is a Mexican-American success story. An immigrant who came to America after receiving his degree in dentistry in Mexico City, he faced many of the same hardships and rejections that others less fortunate face. But he fought back and gained a teaching position at an American college after numerous rejections due to his country of origin. He married, raised a family, and was living his American dream by building a career as an educator with two large practices in the Los Angeles area. But years of involvement in the community made him realize he was one of the lucky ones.

“I have been wanting to write this novel for years,” said JL.  “I have been saving experiences and carefully observing and researching the unexplainable condition of the Mexican-American community in the U.S. The recent wave of attacks against the Mexican-Americans community reignited my desire to write. But it wasn’t until one of my coworkers told me about the terrible suicidal depression her niece was experiencing as a consequence of her uncertain future as a “Dreamer,” that I realized how our inaction is allowing irreversible damage to be inflicted on these young people, and I felt obligated to tell their story.

“When I arrived at this wonderful land as a naïve, fresh-faced Mexican immigrant with big American dreams, I encountered an unexpected, pessimistic attitude toward achieving success by my new Mexican-American acquaintances, which I had not seen in Mexico City. Or the denial that they were even of Mexican heritage.”

In IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE, JL writes through the eyes of a bright, talented Mexican-American teenage girl, Katie Suarez, and how her very comfortable middle-class life in Arizona is turned upside down, how teachers turn on her for standing up for the Mexican-American community and its true history. She experiences the fear her immigrant friends face caused by racists law enforcement that few of her white friends understand. After the darkness point in her life and the total destruction of her family, she rises to become a social justice warrior.

book jacket

“This is an American story that acknowledges how, in this nation of immigrants, there is good and bad amongst all people. Without coming to terms with the past, there is no understanding of how it affects the present, and without action, will continue to repeat in the future,” JL Ruiz.

The book, published by WPR Books: Latino Insights, is a four-category finalist for the International Latino Book Awards plus was Amazon #1 new release in three categories when it was published in June.

Learn more about the book and JL at https://jlruizbooks.com/

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SPOTLIGHT on Author/Journalist Ivor Davis

Ivor Davis

On Sunday, August 10, 1969, Los Angeles woke to horrifying news. The glamourous and very pregnant actress Sharon Tate had been murdered along with four others.  Ivor Davis, West Coast correspondent of the London Daily Express, was one of the first on the scene joined by scores of network TV, radio and newspapers reporters--all desperately seeking details of the what had happened behind the gates of the mansion high atop the canyons of Beverly Hills. Twenty-four hours later, there were two more killings. Those homicides became known as “The Manson Murders.” From that day on, Ivor Davis had a front-row seat chronicling the depraved story of Charlie Manson and his girls that brought the Sixties to a gruesome end.

book jacket

Written with the efficiency of an investigative reporter and a master storyteller’s eye, MANSON EXPOSED: A Reporter’s 50-Year Journey into Madness and Murder brings new life and unknown details to this story. In his frightening memoir, Davis recounts his exclusive, eyewitness story of tracking down Manson in Death Valley, sitting through the craziest trial in L.A. history and reveals shocking new information never before known about the whole insane Beatles/Helter Skelter theory that convicted Manson and his demented followers.

Over half a century, Davis interviewed Doris Day’s son Terry Melcher, who finally confessed why he became Manson’s target of hate. He interviewed Sharon Tate’s Oscar-winning director husband Roman Polanski. Davis knew most of the players – Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys and District Attorney Vince Bugliosi. Ferociously pursuing truth, Davis divulges how a psychotic ex-con convinced a group of young runaway girls-- barely out of their teens—to murder innocents.

In 1970, he co-authored the first book on the Manson murders, Five to Die.

Fifty years later, all of his new findings are disclosed in MANSON EXPOSED to be released on July 24.

Learn more at IvorDavisBooks.com

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Kat Rosenfield

kat rosenfield

Kat Rosenfield is an Edgar-nominated author and pop culture journalist with a gift for reporting on digital-age dramas from the place where art and politics intersect. In 2018, Kat was tapped to co-author an Audible Original, Stan Lee's Alliances: A Trick of Light, with Marvel icon Stan Lee, which is set to release exclusively on Audible on June 27th. She previously authored two young adult novels, the Edgar-nominated AMELIA ANNE IS DEAD AND GONE (2012) and INLAND (2014).


Kat began her career in journalism at MTV News, reporting on TV, film, books, and young Hollywood culture; her work included in-depth reporting on the survivability of childbirth in the zombie apocalypse, longform essays on Han Solo's space cowboy morals, and gif-ticles on every imaginable topic . Her more recent work as a freelance journalist includes seminal reporting on controversies within the young adult publishing community , a plagiarism scandal from the small-press poetry world, the attempted censorship by a Texas school district of the YA bestseller The Hate U Give, and the conflict surrounding the #OwnVoices movement in young adult fiction. As a contributing editor at Tablet, she has written popular essays exploring women's sexual agency within third-wave feminism , the rise of dunk culture in journalism, and how self-loathing male feminists turn the tables on the mid-2000s "Cool Girl" phenomenon.

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Jeanne Joe

author jeanne joe

Jeanne Joe has been an actress, administrator, and teacher.  Her acting credits include films AIRPORT 1975 and FIRST MONDAY IN OCTOBER; TV's CRIMINAL MINDS, M*A*S*H, KUNG FU, HARRY O, and THE UFO INCIDENT; theatre productions at the Inner City Repertory Company and the East West Players; as well as radio dramas, voice-overs, and commercials.

She is the author of YING-YING: PIECES OF A CHILDHOOD, YING-YING 2: JASMINE BY THE BAY, YING-YING 3: JASMINE IN L.A. and YING-YING 4: JASMINE RETURNS TO THE BAY.  The Ying-Ying series describe the sad and comic experiences and adventures of a feisty Chinese-American girl as she and her single parent mother take on the challenges of life in Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. 

book jacket - Wind Chimes

Her most recent book is WIND CHIMES: TWO CULTURES AND A SUPERNATURAL CONNECTION, the fascinating journey of Hai-lan.  Orphaned at age nine, she leaves her village in China to live with her maternal aunt and uncle in Macao.  She falls in love with a mysterious Chinese-Portuguese boy.  At age sixteen her education is cut off abruptly, and she is whisked off to America to fulfill an arranged marriage.  Hai-lan painfully but quickly adjusts to her mother-in-law's tyranny and her new responsibility of raising her husband's nine siblings.  She struggles to become independent, weaving through an obstacle course of tradition and culture both Chinese and American. And then there's her special relationship with the spirit world.  


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Kara Fox

Photographer Extrodinare

kara fox

Kara's passion is helping those who seem to be living on the fringe of life. Co-founding Glamourproject 10 years ago with Evvy Shapero, they have been able to serve the homeless, veterans, families, children who are abused or neglected, recovering substance abusers, victims of human trafficking, ‘former’ criminals, cancer patients, etc. Camera (also, iPhone), make-up, jewelry, wraps, hats, many created by their Boston partner, Marilyn Feldman, are their tools. Their team of devoted volunteers work together to ‘glamorize'  participants and at  the end of their session, each receives an over-flowing gift bag and a photo of themselves as a reminder of their ‘forgotten' beauty.  Complementing this passion is Kara's love of  PHOTOGRAPHY..MOSTLY PEOPLE AND ANIMALS, PARTICULARLY OLIVE, HER DOBERMAN PINSCHER, HER MUSE.  Her background in Psychology and Entertainment Advertising Design help her to add happiness to the world around her.  For more, glamourproject.org, @infinitelyolive, @karafoxart.

Besides both presenting her many PORTFOLIO articles, she has hosted many different photographers who have given us the pleasure of their outstanding accomplishments. She has also shown her WORK in the current issues WOMAN ABOUT TOWN article.

Here are some of her most memorable works.

Kara is our own Director of Photography.

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