A Poem by Monisha Vasa

Monisha Vasa

What did I miss
when I was looking the other way?

All those moments when I was
looking down instead up,
backwards and forwards,
instead of right here,
tell me,
what did I not see?

I long to know how it feels
for nothing to be too small—
your name, the feeling of
lips and hands and how
the light warms your skin.

The way it feels to breathe
in cold air or taste rain,
or touch paper and pen and
feel my words before dreams
take over and I am lost.

I know, while I wasn’t looking,
wrinkles and creases appeared
and the leaves turned and fell,
and children grew into the
people they were meant to be.

I know, while I wasn’t looking,
we forgot who we were.

Still the hands keep spinning,
while I try to remember,
how to see with my heart.

Dr. Monisha Vasa is a psychiatrist and writer based in Orange County, California.  She is currently a scholar of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University, and integrates her medical background, writing, and narrative medicine studies in her work with medical humanities and physician well-being.  She has published two children's books, and is soon to publish her first book of poetry, entitled "Salve:  Words For The Journey."  

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