A Word of Explanation: Behind every painting is a story, and sometimes one leads to another.

Reviewed by Jane M McCabe

This series of paintings started because I had been given an orchid and wanted to paint it, but I wanted to put something with it. Then, in my favorite, classy thrift store in Pasadena I noticed this Thai wooden statue of a reclining Buddha. I couldn’t afford to buy it, so I took some photographs to work from, and produced painting (1) Reclining Buddha.

painting of Reclining Buddha

I was delighted with the painting and wanted to do more along that line, so I went to the Asian Art Museum in Pasadena and looked at statues of buddhas and bodhisattvas, but I didn’t exactly know what a bodhisattva was, so I looked it up. A bodhisattva is an enlightened individual who forgoes nirvana in order to help others. The concept intrigues me, I decided to do some paintings of bodhisattvas in various situations.

The second is Bodhisattva Saving a Friend from Drowning.

Bodhisattva  Saving a Friend from Drowning

And, the third will be Bodhisattva Reading Hegel, but I haven’t painted that one yet. J

I’m including with group another painting I painted during the past year called After the Argument.


Jane M McCabe is a frequent contributor and editor for The Neworld Review

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