Art Beat - OCTOBER 2010

Art Beat

By Lindsey Peckham

Tradition Transformed at the Rubin

tradition transformed

   What an accidentally politically charged Art Beat do we have in store for you this month! It must be midterm election fever, because almost all of the exhibits I visited this month have important political undercurrents, and all provide valuable lessons as to the importance of cultural and personal expression regardless of the political landscape. First up is the stunning “Tradition Transformed” at the Rubin, a collection of works by nine contemporary Tibetan artists who, though trained in the strict Buddhist tradition, defy convention and produce colorful, complex prints and paintings that are nothing short of mesmerizing. Take an afternoon to really appreciate the strong creations by artists who’ve overcome racial, cultural and especially geographical barriers to produce something truly amazing.

Museo del Barrio

voces y visiones

The recently renovated Museo del Barrio sometimes gets lost in the shadow of its formidable neighbors, but is undoubtedly a must-see, year-round. Their permanent collection, with its impressive range of Latin and Caribbean American art, celebrates the museum’s 40 years of providing Latin American artists a platform and a stage. No one uses and celebrates space quite like the Museo, with works seeming to appear from behind doors and around corners. Also don’t miss their frequent forums and panels discussing emerging trends and challenges facing the Latin American art world. Often bilingual, these events shaped my college study focus and provided an important reminder of how our city is shaped by Hispanic culture.

Yuan Revolution at the Met

  I never intentionally seek out history lessons when I go to museums, which is not to say that they don’t often sneak up on me in pretty fantastic ways. The current “Yuan Revolution” exhibit at the Met is an exciting and informative walk through the inevitable clash of civilizations that occurred when the Mongols occupied China in 1271. It’s a deliriously extensive exhibit, with room after room filled with paintings, prints, calligraphy and artifacts. Quite frankly, it’s awe-inspiring, and an incredible way to spend an afternoon, lost in an ancient dynasty.

East German Posters at the Grey Art Gallery

east german republic art

   On display at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery are some fascinating posters by artists from the GDR (German Democratic Republic) in the time before unification. Though most are advertisements for galleries and shows, they certainly justify an entire exhibit in and of themselves, a striking reminder of the hideousness of censorship. But it’s also a testament to the ingenuity of the incredible works produced by artists with no other inspiration than the turmoil around them.

Fall for Dance at City Center

nyc dance poster

  And last but not least, don’t forget that it’s the Fall for Dance season at City Center! With tickets only $10, it’s inexcusable to miss this annual celebration of the newest, youngest, and coolest talent in the dance world.



Lindsey Peckham is a recent graduate of New York University with degrees in both Liberal Arts and Business.

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