Portfolio: James Carroll

by Kara Fox

Gazing up towards a brilliant blue sky, I wonder … am I seeing the same intense blue that someone else sees? Do we all see a tree in the same way? As you can well imagine, dear reader, I am privileged to view vast portfolios of photography and to be able to surround myself with images of how others see their own personal world.

Because of visionary Michael (and Kim) McCarty, I stumbled upon James Carroll. The McCarty's have created a complete environment for enjoying magnificent art while enjoying the finest cuisine. In 1979, Michael's Restaurant graced Santa Monica, California (they are also located across our vast country in New York City). With the creation of Michael's came a place to dine at the beach in their elegant dining room and romantic outdoor garden patio.

Michael's is home to both food and art. The food is always perfection -- beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, and served with a visible desire to please. Michael's walls are a sight to behold. Walls filled with works by some of today’s greatest contemporary artists: David Hockney, Robert Graham, Frank Stella, Jasper Johns, Kim McCarty, and Jim Dine, among others.

Michael’s is generous in the manner in which they serve their guests and they extend their gracious hospitality to many artists in their intimate upstairs dining room/art gallery. Kim McCarty curates rotating exhibits in this salon, featuring mid-career and emerging artists open for public viewing on weekdays. You never know quite what you’ll see on display, but like the food and the wine, it will be world-class. As guests view wonderful art there is often the opportunity to meet the talented artist, and it was on one of these occasions that I met James Carroll.

Entering the art-filled room, maneuvering through a sea of people, I was drawn toward a compelling black and white image of an airplane. An airplane photographed with a vision I had never seen before. So powerful an image it seemed it could fly off the wall. As I slowly walked the perimeter of the room, from photograph to photograph and then back around again I was moved by the depth of James Carroll's presentation of aviation.

And then there he stood, smiling ... this warm and lovely young man, clearly delighted to be sharing his love, vision and his art and most decidedly his passion for the airplane and flying. As we spoke, he was quick to offer that he loved flying so much he thought nothing of boarding a plane and flying from the United States to London and immediately returning just to be in the sky!

At the age of six, James Carroll fell in love with what happens between the earth and the infinite universe above … flying. It is a pleasure to share with you his vision seasoned by his love of the power of airplanes. James Carroll stands alone as an aviation fine art photographer. After viewing his work, I was curious to do a little research on this area and after hours I found no one who captured the magnificence of massive mechanical birds gracing the sky as well as he does.

"I memorize flight numbers and timetables,” he said, “I never take direct flights. I fly over 140,000 base miles a year. In the six years I've been in LA, I've never lived more than four miles from LAX. I am planning trips to some of the most scenic airports in the world to capture these massive aircrafts on approach and take off. This is not a job, but a passion that borders on insanity."

Imagine James, lying on his back facing the boundless skies, holding his Canon 5DM-2 or 5DM-3 in his gifted hands and with his Canon "L" style lenses beginning to shoot … 14mm L, 16-35mm L, 70-200 L. Click. When he has what he wants to show the world, he prints 24" x 36" in editions of 25. And it was seeing some of these astounding prints that propelled me to share his vision with you

Please join us in viewing the powerful work of James Carroll. You are in for a fabulous journey!

www.jamescarrollphotography.com <http://www.jamescarrollphotography.com  

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