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Portfolio: David Wallace Crotty does it all

by Kara Fox

The road to Palm Springs is paved with beauty, a mecca for the creative. As you enter the city, having been awed by miles of graceful windmill farms dancing in the wind and driving alongside the textured San Jacinto mountain range as it spreads its dramatic peaks beneath the crystal blue sky, you sense you are in a uniquely wonderful little part of this massive world.

While attending a book signing at Just Fabulous, a marvelous gift store, for Barbara Sinatra's new book, Lady Blue Eyes, I was greeted by a lovely man, camera in hand, ready to take our photo as we entered a lively group of well-wishers.

”Do you mind if I take your photo? Could you stand a little to the left? Another one, please.”

All of this was done in such a lovely way by this consummate professional, as he coaxed us into the perfect pose so as to see Barbara Sinatra in the background, and the books, and art, to showcase this Just Fabulous setting.

I watched him work the room and knew he would be the next star of the Neworld Review photography portfolio.

David Crotty was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, not far from Plymouth. He grew up in Maine. From his beginnings, his life was filled with art. His father is a landscape painter who also owns the oldest continuously running art gallery in the state of Maine. His big inspiration was his grandfather, who was making home movies in the 50's and 60's. His love of photography started early under this rich influence.

Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Crotty first began capturing life around him with a movie camera. His earliest memories are of 16 mm films projected on a screen. His home always offered movie screenings and slide shows. At 11, David was proud to have Andrew Wyeth look at his portfolio.

Following high school graduation, David moved to New Haven, Connecticut, where he studied art and theater at Yale. While there, he saw a photograph of a whole stalk of celery lying on its side and in the celery there was the image of a nude woman. It was then that he realized his purpose. He was hooked. He loved what could be done with photography and began his lifelong career. David went on to study film and video Production at NYU and received his BFA from the Tisch School of the Arts.

For 15 years he lived in New York City producing low-budget industrial videos, while moonlighting as an Assistant Food Stylist. One of his many highlights was spending four years creating videos for Marc Jacobs. He also created illustrations for the Village Voice.

After New York, he moved to the Island of Maui for twelve years, where he mostly worked on wedding photography and video.

Four years ago he moved to Hollywood, California where he currently makes his living as a Red Carpet and Event Photographer for the New York based photo agency, Patrick McMullan Company. With his Nikon d2X David’s photographs range from the beaches and sunsets in Hawaii to a lovely woman, once the bride of Frank Sinatra, signing her books to an appreciative audience.

David Wallace Crotty


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